Sunday, May 27, 2012

As May Comes to a Close...

I just want to say, that, no, I am not abandoning the blog. Truly, I am not. It's just, life. It gets busy, then it gets slowed down. Whether by illness or tragedy, random injuries, and total mayhem, blogging tends to take a backseat when things get rough. For that, I apologize my dear friends and readers. I am sorry. Hopefully, with the summer and fall seasons coming up (my absolute favorite times of the year) I will have more awesome material rather than boring material to go over with you all.

Suffice it to say that this month is not a month that I want to repeat. Ever.

So, on to the subject at hand: Kaylee Monster. Oh, this thing. This adorable little thing, the joy of my life: is an ever living monster right now, and not in the cute way. *sigh* She's cute most of the day, then one thing will go wrong for her and bam! temper tantrum. A full out, face in the floor, limbs everywhere, screaming at the top of the lungs - temper tantrum. I've yet to catch a picture of her full on tantrum, but it is not a pretty sight.

Developmentally, she is doing quite well, as usual. Considering we were told she was supposed to have all this speech therapy and constant ear tubes, she is doing really well. We've not needed a speech therapist yet, and her first set of tubes fell out, but we have been told she doesn't need them right now, and they will recheck her end of next month so that will be fun. But yeah, she's talking, walking, climbing, eating, pooping, etcetera.

Her vocabulary has increased so much during this past month or two it is amazing. She can say Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet. She says toes, nose, ears, ouchy, puppy, fishy, kitty, up, down, stinky,  honey, milk, eggs, cheese, hotdog, ice, eat, Ronan, mommy, dada, wow, hi, bye, please (although she doesn't quite know when to use it), love you, ducky, socks, diaper. So many words now. Lots of them. She's starting to say her little sentences here and there, things that mean nonsense to anyone else but her. She tries to sing little songs, and plays out the songs with her hands (Itsy Bitsy Spider, Pattie Cake, etc), she can sing the Winnie the Pooh part of the chorus of the Winnie the Pooh song. She likes to dance to everything, still. It really is awesome.

She's climbing more and more complex items throughout the house now. For instance, I found her climbing up the large bookshelf we have in the living room, she was on the second shelf off of the floor, trying to get her hands on a bottle of my nail polish. She uses her slide, a box and her bus scooter thing to get up to higher shelving that she couldn't reach otherwise (problem solving is a good thing, except that it gives me a heart attack). A few mornings ago I woke up because I heard her yelling from her room, but not from her crib -
- from here.
-the top of her changing station. You can see her tears from realizing she couldn't get down. She had the lights turned on, in addition to -
-that would be the contents of her diaper wipe package, a bottle of powder, her comb...ugh. But when I looked at her face, her reaction -
-one of pure joy. Sleepy, and swollen faced joy, but joy nonetheless.

So, yeah. I mean, that's about it. Really, she's doing well so far. We've had a busy and emotionally draining month, but we are all going to be okay. Everything is going to be alright. We always are. Love, us.

Friday, May 4, 2012

May - Really...already?

It is May! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Its to early in the am for me to have any Cinco de Mayo celebration pics, but I will have them up probably on Sunday night. I've just been mulling around and trying to figure out this new Google+ integration. :)

But I just wanted to say that yes, we are alive and doing well. Just busy. Working and raising a kid is no easy task, though I wouldn't trade it for all the things in the world. Anyway, gotta go. It's late (or early) and I have a couple things I still need to do before bed. Night...oh hell, here is a picture of the Monster to make your night even better!

Yay! Slides are awesome!