Saturday, October 27, 2012

Then End of October Is Nigh!

And  you know what that means!!! Weight gain! Weight gain for all! HAHAHAHA.

I am doing my best to add to the waistlines of all my friends and family. I'm making zuchinni bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin rolls, and banana bread for my family tomorrow. :) I rock.

Wanna see something:

Scary right!?!? It was Holiday Oreos with red filling. I did not think it through when I got them. :) Red icing everywhere. But cute too right?!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's October, pt. 2!

Hooray! DaddyMonster is amazing. He remembered that our old laptop has a little SD card slot!!!! So, here is a little pic spam of Kaylee turning 2!
No clothes, preparing for the cake!

What's that?

Can I touch it?

My cake is yummy!

Grandpa is saying something important to me!

Yep, MommyMonster made a strawberry cake with vanilla whipped frosting, YUM. It was a hit. She got a lot of cool presents from everyone. And our house is now filled with the sounds of a laptop, a counting toy, and a princess song book. She also has a baby that she puts to sleep each night. :) My daughter is awesome!

Here is some more fun!!!

Princess Songbook! It's cool, has all the Disney Princesses!

Reading to her baby, wearing her pink cowboy boots!

Standing on the hippo chair in her pink boots. She never wears clothes anymore :D.

Reading to her dolly.

Brushing my teeth like a big girl!

My jammers are awesome! 


She has taken to wearing MommyMonster's dress shoes:
Don't mind the mess, we were still unpacking.

Her hair is starting to curl like MommyMonster's!

So, there you go. Some pictures! I hope you enjoy them, and now that things are slowing down, well...I am sure there will be plenty more updates to come! <3 MommyMonster


It's October!

Holy cow! I am sorry I am so late in posting. It's been a very busy couple of months, and I mean busy. The problem I am having right now: no USB cord to plug the camera into the computer to put in the most recent photos of the MonsterGirl.

We've pretty much gotten settled into our new home, just a couple of random things that I need to do - finish up kitchen stuff, and some just random like, housekeeping things. SO, yeah, that's going well.

MonsterGirl turned 2 recently. I don't think I posted about that. :( Life has just been sooooo hectic. Oh, I have found some pictures! Hang on:
Yum. Beans! With cheese!

Who needs the spoon? I've got a spoon attached to my hand!

Two hand spoons.

*yawn* I am so over this whole picture taking business.

A toybox. Suddenly.....

A wild MonsterGirl appears!
Oooooh....what have I got hiding in here?
 Yep. So I did have some pictures...wewt! That makes me happy. I am going to try to find my USB cord for my camera. I would really like to get the pictures off of that SD card.

Anyway, things are going well for the girl. She's talking like crazy. I mean, she says sentences. "I wanna go night-night" and "lub you mommy/daddy" are the big ones. She says things like "want milk" "want balloon" and "let's go ou-side." This kid just melts my dang heart. It's supposed to snow tomorrow, if I can I am going to get lots of pictures with her in the snow! I love fall/winter so much!

In any case, I needs must go now. I am sleepy and I had a long week. I just turned 25 (for the 5th year in a row). So, now that I am old, I have to start going to bed at like, 8pm? Is that right mom? Let me know, I gotta get this growing old thing down :) Love you all !!! MonsterGirl, MonsterMommy, and MonsterDaddy.