Sunday, June 12, 2011

Long Time No Post! Or Something Like That.

Sooo. What can I say? I've been gone for a while now, which has been rough, but when you are working a strange schedule you try to find sleep and food when you can, while you can, whilst also taking care of a sick husband and busy bee toddler. So, updates all around then? Wonderful.

Kaylee is a busy, busy child. She has her hands full of daily crawling, stacking toys, playing with her stuffed koala, eating every bit of food she can fit in her mouth at once, pooping, puking up all the food, taking random 20 minute naps, pulling on daddy's chest hairs and finally smiling at mom when I walk in the door from work, then bath, then last bottle then sleep.. I've been advised by my wonderful husband that this is her daily routine, the last part I know because I give her the nightly bath and bottle and put her to bed. On my days off I try to take as much care of her as I can myself, because I don't see her as often as I would like...such is the life of a working mom.

I play on the floor a lot now!
 Kaylee is eleven days shy of her 9 month b-day! Wewt! She is getting so freaking big, and she just has the best personality. I love watching her learn how to play with new things and I love watching her move around. From sitting, to laying down, to scooting her big ole bottom across the room for the television remote, or a cell phone, to sitting back up and then trying like hell to stand up (using all manner of furniture and people's pant legs to pull herself up), I love watching that.

I want the blue thing.
I got the blue thing, now I want the dog.

On the move.
 Anyway, finally got a picture of my scooter and helmet for you all:

Scooter - I call her "Red." Ten points to those who get the reference.

It is corny, but my grandpa would love it!

Kaylee is still scheduled for surgery on the 12th of July, which will be exciting and scary all at the same time. If anyone has any ideas for thinning out baby food enough so it is liquid, but not flavorless that would be great. She will be back on a liquid diet for a while and won't be able to drink out of a bottle, or sippy; she'll have to drink from a regular cup somehow.

I had a tooth break on my at work on Friday night. I tried to get into the dentist that night, but they were all full up and I could have waited in the lobby at the dentist's office for someone to cancel their appointment (which is random chance). Instead I scheduled a visit for Saturday morning, and I had a tooth pulled. I have been in pain since - except when I take the Vicodin. Awesome drug that is, except when you are already sleep deprived and your daughter wakes up and you are all kinds of dizzy and she wants to eat...I do not recommend. Thankfully I will be able to eat now without pain. I go back next Saturday morning for a cleaning and a consult to fix the rest of my teeth. Grr.

Oh, before I forget: I took Kaylee swimming. My daughter is awesome! She loves, loves, loves the water! She would dunk her head under by herself, she would jump off of the ledge she was sitting on into the water, she would splash around. It did get a little chilly, but man! She is my little fish. Maybe I will have a swimmer on my hands, eh? Anyway, goodnight all. I am tired and I must go. Much love, and enjoy the cute that is my Kaylee....JESS