Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This is how I sleep.

On the Daddy Monster.

On Ronan the Destroyer

And he loves it.
So, this is some cute for the day. Just thought I would share before the computer comes down and moves to it's new location. We'll be back up and running shortly. <3

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cleft Clinic!

Yesterday we had Kaylee's cleft clinic. That's an appointment where we see all of her team of doctors who help with her cleft. We saw Dr. Allen, her surgeon. Dr. Meredith, her dentist. A bunch of other people including her audiologist, speech pathologist, and a psychologist (because they just always send one for support or something). She saw a lot of people. Overall we were there for about 8 hours. We left home at 9 am and didn't get back until 8 pm. Ugh, and it was hot so Kaylee was not happy on the ride home :(

Anyways, how are things going for her? Dr. Allen says she is looking great as far as her lip repair and palate repair goes. He sees no reason to do any extra repairs to her lip or her palate. He might think about starting to do some nose repair for symmetry, but wants to look over her case a bit more first.

Dr. Meredith says that Kaylee's teeth are in great shape. No bleeding gums, no major problems. She still has four molars that need to come in, and she is missing an incisor. It will never grow in, because it isn't there. So, it's not a problem, she'll probably have a fake one implanted later, when she is around 17 or 18, after her braces come off, and the bone grafting. But overall, good healthy teeth.

As far as her ears go: she might be hearing impaired in her right ear. She passed the hearing test in her left ear with flying colors. But her right ear didn't pass, at all. So, they took a look at her ear, sucked a lot of fluid out of it (which she did not enjoy and screamed for a long time because of it), and tried the test again - no go. So, we are being given some drops to clear her ears of any fluids/wax etc for a month and then she will get retested. We will find out at that point if she can hear out of that ear.

As far as her speech is concerned, everything seems normal on that front. The pathologist said he wants us to work on consonant sounds, but for everything else she is doing just fine. She has a great vocabulary, and since I can decipher a lot of what she is saying, there isn't much we need to do except watch our language (oops!)

So, that was the cleft clinic. A long hard day of doctors and specialists, just to tell me what I already know: Kaylee is perfect. :) Talk to you guys later!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Because.

It's like she crawled halfway up and said "screw it," then started snoring. Adorbs.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monster Learns Stuff.

So, it has been a busy, busy week here at the Monster household. Momma Monster (that would be me) has spent the last week filling out forms, and registering, and signing papers, it has been busy. Momma Monster is going to finish getting her Associate's Degree. Just got registered for fall semester, and wrote, edited, deleted, re-wrote, re-edited, re-deleted and wrote another essay for the scholarship I applied for. It is for mother's of children with cranio-facial conditions. I hope I get it. It's $5000 a semester. Wish me luck on that front. :)

Kaylee had a fun week, although I think she may have some heat rash on her leg, I don't know. It looks red and raised, but doesn't feel hot to the touch and it doesn't seem to itch or bother her. *shrug* if it gets any worse we'll be taking a trip to the doctor today.

So, what has Kaylee been up to?

Learned how to climb into a cabinet.
Learned that playing with a box on the head is the funnest game ever!
Well, hello.

So, there is this box on my head.
Learned how to save her pennies.
One penny.

More pennies.
Fell asleep on some pillows in her room.
This seems like a good spot. *falls over*
Yep. That's been our week so far. We're gonna go for a walk now over at the ponds by my house. Since I will have the Kaylee Monster, I probably won't be able to take many pictures. You know, because, ponds. Danger. That kind of thing. Anyway, that is all for us today. <3 you!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Today, We COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!

Every single time I sit at my computer to start making some cards or get a scrap page done, I have this little monster at my chair begging to come up and sit in my work space. :( I have three grad cards to make, a boat load of late mother's day cards, the boat load of father's day cards, and even a few birthday cards (in all I'd say about 15-20 cards total) to get done, and I have a monster in my space. *sigh* I guess when she goes to sleep then.

Lately, she's been wanting to use my metallic markers to color with, along with my set of cute kitty highlighters. So, without any ado: Monster Colors.
Kitty Highlighters!
Coloring! YAY!
Trying to get a hold of these things.


So, I take this here...

color everywhere...

This is the lid??

So, this goes in here. Got it.
I made ART mom!!!!

So, that's what we did today. <3 you guys.