Sunday, November 6, 2011

Well...Isn't that interesting.

I was just informed of a news story done by ABC News 2 out of Baltimore. It would appear that more babies are born with a cleft of some kind in the United States than in developing countries. It is the second most common birth defect behind congenital heart defects. I just thought I would share, because I like to share different stories I find that are relevant and that are interesting about clefts. So, Here we are.

Friday, November 4, 2011

YAY! Pictures.

Quick picspam. I just got this today!
This is Monster with her cousin Nesiah. My Little Brother's boy.

And again with Nesiah.

My teeth.

My big blues.

In black and white.

Climbing on stuff.

With a border.

Sitting pretty.
The end. Oh, I love this Monster.

The Monster Knows!

We went to the doctor yesterday for the second part of her flu shot. It was not fun, and Monster was not happy. Monster knows what those little tubes are that have orange tops. Those are the needles that poke her in the leg and hurt a lot. There were a couple of things that happened at this visit.

We get to the clinic at the proscribed appointment time. We check in and sit down to wait. In comes a mom with her daughter. Kaylee was immediately fascinated with this little girl's hair because it was really curly and kinky. So, this little girl and Monster are playing an Monster decides to pet this girl's hair. She didn't pull, she put her hand out and brushed the top of one of the girls pigtails. The girl decided she didn't like it at all and she pushed Monster on the floor. Monster hit her head and started screaming of course. It was sad.

The other little girl started crying because Monster was crying. I made sure to let the little girl know it was okay - they are children after all. But that mother was like "you should teach your child not to pull hair," and then she walked away. I was watching. Intently. There was no hair pulling. So, whatever. I was scolded by a mother not much older than me - no big deal. But it still made me mad because I apologized as she walked away and she didn't even say sorry to me for her bully of a daughter pushing Monster to the ground, hurting her head. :( Rude lady.

Anyway, after I calm Monster down, we are called to get her shot. I laid Monster on the exam chair thing and start to pull off one of the legs of her pants when the nurse turns around with the needle in hand. Monster literally jumped out of this chair into my arms because she didn't want it. The nurse took advantage of that, because I was holding Kaylee, and got her in the leg real quick like. But the thing is this: before - Monster didn't care what was going on she'd just lay back and let what needed to get done, get done. Now, however, she knows. I have a feeling that the White Coat Syndrome* is going to start soon.

So, long story short: flu shot. On the upside she got a new hat out of the deal! Enjoy, and have a good night! <3 Jess

I'm from here.

So, does it look ok?
*White Coat Syndrome: The fear of the doctors office because they've been there once too many. I've got it, when it comes to the dentist. I hate dentists. Le sigh.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Adventures in Sleep - Things Will Fix Themsleves.


Yesterday she sad: Well, I guess I'll sleep through the night. Why not, I mean, everyone else does right? Although it sounded more like: "bleelja;dlhf aaaahahahahhhahhhals. aljkfdldh" *falls over asleep*

So, she's sleeping at night again. I can only hope that this lasts for a while. It snowed again today. I've yet to get a picture. She's not too certain about snow yet. What I do have a picture of however is this...

This is my Tootsie Roll. It is mine and I will call it Tootsie and you will never get it back.

 ...and this...
OH? I'm sorry. I thought the pumpkin jar was mine.

...she wouldn't let go of that Tootsie Roll for the life of her. The rapture could come at any moment and she would still be all: My. Tootsie. Roll. Yep, definitely my kid.

All's well on the home front. Daddy Monster and I are both working, things are good there. The only dark spot on the horizon: Kaylee gets the second part of her flu shot tomorrow. :( Not a happy day for her. But hopefully she'll be okay, it's only one shot this time.

So, yeah. Life is starting to work itself out. I love that. <3 Jess.