Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sheesh...I'm a slacker.

Well, it's been forever and a day since I have updated. I have a few updates and some pictures and yeah. Here goes:

 December: We had Christmas as usual. Fun times. She learned how to get on top of her grandparent's kitchen counters, because she found their candy hiding spot.
Climbing for candy....Gramma and Grampa Molina need a new hiding spot for their goodies.

Getting down was another matter altogether.

The first time she ever wrote "Mom." That was gift enough.
Opening presents

Falling asleep with the dog.
January: A month of all around goofiness.
Watching shows....

...and faceplanting.
The month of....

....silly tongue-out-of-mouth faces.
We made time out bottles. The pink one drops in about five minutes, and the blue in ten.

Sleeping on daddy...

....and making sure daddy has company when she's not sleeping on him.
Big 'ol blue eyes painting Easter eggs.

Concentrating sooooo hard.

Easter dress, AKA "Empress Dress."

She wanted to make it look like the dress flows around her.

We made a castle for her clip dolls to play in.
Clip doll party.
That was pretty much it so far. Nothing super important. She's been doing great at school, and is still not in need of speech therapy (which we're happy about). She's been having problems with being afraid of the dark lately, but we're trying to show her that it is okay to be afraid, but that she can't let that fear disrupt her sleep. It's a hard concept for her to grasp, but I think she'll get it soon enough. Well, that's about it. Like I said, nothing major.

As always I will try to update more. I just feel like I have less and less time these days. Anyway -  that's it for now. <3.