Saturday, February 25, 2012

We're alive.

We're just busy is all.

The camera is gone. It died a slow, watery death. :( But since both myself and DaddyMonster are working now, we should be able to get one in another month or so. So we have no pictures today, mainly because I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get pictures from my phone on here. And to be honest I am not that interested in figuring it out. I've got a lot of things to get done before I get back to work.

Anyway, Kaylee is climbing. She is talking a lot. And she is doing amazing. She says "cookie" clear as day. She says "all gone" when her food is gone. When you ask if she needs a diaper change, she runs to her bedroom and tries to open the drawer with her diaper. So, yeah, it's awesome having some real communication with her. It's not too hard to decipher what she wants and needs anymore. I love it.

So, yeah. We're good. Just wanted to say hello. <3 Jess & Kaylee.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Camera is in the ICU...

...if there was an ICU for electronics that is.

Monster decided that the camera was interested in swimming. Swimming, in the dog water. So, yep. I don't yet know if the camera is salvageable or if I am going to be buying a new one soon. I've got the camera sitting in a bag of rice trying to get all the moisture away. I'm going to give it about a week before we start it up again. Just to be sure that the water is gone and that I don't short the circuits when I do. :( I love my camera, and was just starting to get the hang of some of the features. It's okay though. We'll figure it out.

I got a bucket on my head.

Bucket head?

What's up yo!
Just wanted to update with my little gem. I might have a few pics from last week that I can pull off of the memory card - which thankfully didn't get wet. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

At snows in Colorado!

We've been waiting for this for a long time. Last week, for example, it got to 55 degrees where we live. In Colorado. It sucked. Now...blizzard conditions in some parts of the state. :D So happy about that. I haven't been able to take Kaylee out into the snow yet because of blowing winds that hurt your face so I think it can wait until tomorrow, when things calm down a little bit.
Blurry sepia snow.

Tree down. The dead tree to the left is seriously needing to be put out of it's misery.  :(

Other than the fact that it finally snowed (seriously, we were without it for like five weeks), I've been trying to capture Kaylee on camera dancing. She dances, she just somehow knows that the camera is focused on her and she immediately stops and looks at you all shy like. It is quite funny to watch her dancing though. I will get it eventually and then everyone can hop on over to our youtube channel to watch it. I finally got that set up. Yay!

Anyway, I start my new job a week from Monday. Just got the confirmation that my background check and drug screen came back clean (I had no doubts of course, but it's always refreshing to know that you are 100% right about somethings). So, once I get established in my new job, we will be moving back to my hometown (just because it is far closer to where I work, and my car would do better if my job was closer)! Yay, I am really excited about that. I get to be where I love to be. Don't get me wrong the town we live in now is great, but I long to be back at the base of the mountains. *shrieks* can't wait.

Anyway, that is really all I have. We've had a lot of adventures in climbing recently, and we've had a number of scary tumbles, :( but we're getting there. The other day Monster thought it was funny to try and climb up on her school bus scooter, and the wheels went out from underneath her - she believed it was most unpleasant. Anyway, some pics and then I am off to start doing laundry and the likes. I've got this last week to clean up and do all the laundry, and the grocery shopping for my lunches (because as much as I love downtown FTC - omg it is expensive to eat there) and yeah, all that good stuff. So, peace out, enjoy some pics and hopefully later today I can get Monster girl outside and we can get some snow Monster pics!
I am so good at computers mom, look! I opened a scripting window!

Ugh, can I just go to bed now? That Target trip got me all sleepy.

Fine, I'll sleep here. (We had to change the sleeper because she decided to
spit her water out all down her front side :( Then she fell asleep in the bean bag.