Monday, February 3, 2014

A Month and Some into 2014?!?!?

So incredibly sorry for the loooong-er than expected hiatus, all. I have been a busy woman.

Let's just get right down to it shall we?

KayleeMonster. Oh, KayleeMonster. This little girl, 3 years and 35 pounds of blond adorableness....

OCTOBER - Selfies, wings, new ear tubes, Halloween!
Because every Mommy and Monster selfie must contain the image of a screaming child.

Making funny faces became somewhat of an obsession.

One must ALWAYS have her wings.

Going in for bigger tubes!

Blurry Cinderella! She was Cinderella for Halloween.

She even got to wear eyeliner and lipstick. Now I can't get her to stop trying to put it on, even after all these months.

NOVEMBER - tape, Daddy cuddles.

Well, this is fun. 

Hanging out with Daddy Monster. 
She started wearing capes.

DECEMBER - GamerGirl, first hair cut, Christmas.
Kill it! Kill it with FIRE!!!

Um...what is this?

Oh hey, bangs.

Our little tree.

With the cousins. I could never get  a pic of all of them when they were not moving. 

One of many dress up outfits - this one came with a matching princess. She hasn't worn anything but these dresses since Christmas.

Time for your checkup! Doc McStuffins is her absolute favorite.

JANUARY -  Her own selfies, sleeping in MY bed, drawing happysads, sleeping in MY bed.

Hmmmm...did I just...did I...yep, I just took a picture.

This seems nice and cozy.

This is her Grampa Thomas - according to her.

Again, in MY bed, with her shoes all over it. *sigh*

Well, there is your KayleeMonster picspam. Now, I am going to try to upload a video...standby.... 

I'll try to post more - I swear! Gotta run...MommyMonster has lots of homework to do. <3 Jess.