Monday, October 20, 2014

Annual Cleft Clinic!

We spent a happy, grumpy, tired and rather warm October day at the Children's Hospital in Denver today. While I didn't take pics - because a four year old in a brightly colored, clear elevator-ed, maze having, fun time hospital is hectic enough - we got a lot of good info and she's awesome.

So, first - we did a new hearing test. She is fully hearing, no issues whatsoever. The bigger ear tubes her Dr put in last time are working 100% better. She's not had a single ear infection since getting them in.

Second - no fistulas!!!!!!!!! This means that there are no holes in her palate repair! Wewt! This is a good thing, because it means no surgery!

Third - she does need speech therapy. She's having problems with a lisp, and there is a slight nasal rustling (which is normal right now) that can be repaired later with surgery. So what is nasal rustling? Well, the way the speech pathologist explained it to me is like this:

         At the back of the throat we have our soft palate, uvula, tonsils and tongue coming together and       makes a valve. Well, since MonsterGirl had to have a soft palate created for her, there is a small         opening in the valve which creates a bit of a snorting sound. It's not a big issue and I didn't even          hear it until the pathologist said something about it.

Fourth - her teeth are in good condition, she has a slight darkening on the tooth that is coming in sideways on the right side of her cleft, but that is to be expected because it is particularly hard to reach. 

So, all in all a good visit. Dr. Allen (her ENT and plastic surgeon) said he wants to use her picture on the website for his practice, he says she is exemplary and probably his best work so far. So, yeah. That is about it.

Happy Monday all. :)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Fun Times's October. I love October, this is common knowledge. Why do I love it now even more than I ever did before?

HALLOWEEN CRAFTS WITH THE KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

She's old enough that we can actually do stuff together now without it being a total mess and a half. :) Squeeeeeee!!!

So, today we painted our pumpkins that we got at the patch last Sunday!

Kaylee and the PumpkinHeads (great band name, like a Smashing Pumpkins tribute band).

A very poor attempt at Jack Skellington by yours truly.

I have no idea who/what this was supposed to be.

Kaylee goes for more abstract art, I've been noticing. She calls this one a "Ghosty."
So...yeah. That is what I did with my kid today. I freaking love how awesome she is getting. :) OH, and I'll take pictures of it tomorrow, but the kid is writing letters. Not spelling anything yet, but she is writing the letters A, P, R, O, L and Y. Just because she can. *beams with pride*


That is all.

Monday, October 13, 2014


Well, we had an awesome family day yesterday. We went to the pumpkin patch with Aunties, Uncle, Grandma and Grandpa. It was cool.
Hair in the face and hanging with Kaleena.

Picking her pumpkins.

Queens of the haystack.

Joined by Nesiah.
Then she had fun trying to ride and then succeeding in riding the dog.
I will do this.

Fun times. I love my kid.
Happy Tuesday all.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Kaylee got sick. She was fine on Friday, then on Sunday her voice went, then the fever started. She started feeling better on Tuesday, and by Wednesday her voice started getting better. Poor thing.
However, we made forts, read a lot of Dr. Seuss (Green Eggs and Ham remain her favorite), and ate more strawberries than I care to ever eat again. It was good. I'm off to home to bake some zucchini bread.

Also, in 10 days we are going back to the Children's Hospital in Denver for the annual Cleft Clinic! It will be a fun day of doctors, doctors, social workers, and more doctors. It should be fun. They'll be excited, I think, to hear how much more she talks now than she did last year. Hell - I'm excited about it.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say hello before I had to head off to study group. I have a major test in Sociology that I am sooooooo not prepared for right now. Here is a picture of KayleeMonster waking me up.

MOM! Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Story time with KayleeMonster.

Tonight, for your story time pleasure, I present to you KayleeMonster and select reading from "Green Eggs and Ham," by Dr. Seuss.

Good night, ladies and gentlemen, good night.