Monday, September 23, 2013

MonsterGirl turns 3!

Today, my MonsterGirl is 3 years old. Holy time does fly.

My wonderful sisters Priscilla and Fabiola had pictures taken of Miss Kaylee today... they came out amazing! Some of my favorites:

So, then I said....

On the tummy.

Like an angel...

Strike a pose!


Smile big!
So, then we had nachos and cuppycakes for her birthday and it was fun. She had a blast being princess for a day :) I love my kiddo so much. She's just the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. <3

Happy Birthday MonsterGirl...mommy loves you!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I really must post more.

It's so busy working and going to school at the same time as having an  almost 3 year old. *sigh*

It's the beginning of September, and I haven't even written about July or August. Yikes.


SO - I finished my CNA course. Just got this in the mail:

Neat right? 
I passed my written and skills state exam. So I am licensed to work as a CNA in the state of Colorado. Wewt. Go me! So, that's been my life. I started fall semester and am taking a pretty hefty biology course. My brain hurts a lot after class. Anyway, enough about me - more about:
Little miss woke me up to take "pitchers!"
Little Miss Monstergirl is going to be 3 this month!!!!!!! So, let's recap her July and August!
On a giant bull at the fair. Daddy was right there to safeguard her.

Yeah, that's right. I'm on a bull.

Such a lady in her patriotic dress.

Looking for raspberries.

Pretty glasses, she loves these things.

Wearing a friend's monocle.

Fireworks! She's still too little for many kinds, so sparklers did her just fine.

She certainly didn't shy away from shaking them in the air.

Spent some time with MommyMonster...
...and DaddyMonster...
...and riding Ronan The Destroyer.
That was pretty much all of our July. Just hanging out. We went to a couple of bday parties, had a few of our own. That kind of thing. It was nice, and it was you know...summer.

August was pretty fun too! Not really. I mean it was mostly:
Hanging with mom.

Oh, no you didn't!

Yeah, I did.

Playing with cousin Azaria.



Kicking back with cousin Chancho.
So,  yeah. That's been it so far. Not an entirely interesting year, but so far, better this year than last. Some real changes being made in our lives. Which is good. 

I still can't believe my Little Miss MonsterGirl is going to be 3. 3 long, but short, but long years. At least the potty training part is over. That was not fun. :) Anyway, that's it for now. Maybe I will take a night a week and try to blog more. *shrug* I'll give it a shot.