Sunday, October 15, 2017

Well and so...

We took a little trip to the Denver Children's Hospital Dental Clinic to see her orthodontist. We thought we would be further along in her treatment than we are, but it's okay. We're patient. Anyway, KayleeMonster got her teeth photographed from all kinds of angles, and they did a scan of her skull - which she thought was the "Coolest thingie ever!" - and had molds taken of her top and lower teeth. It will take around six weeks for the molds to be made and measurements to be decided and we should have her in the chair getting her braces! She is super excited to have her braces. And super excited about rubber band colors. In any case. We're doing well.

Halloween is coming up again and that means costumes and make up and all things spooky. I'll post updates and pictures of that at a later date. Peace, love and chicken grease y'all!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

OMG you guys..

It has been soooooo long. I almost forgot that this damn thing exists. Yikes. So many things to cover and so little time. It has been almost 2 years since I have posted and so much has gone on. Wow.

So - MonsterGirl has become a big sister! Her little sister Josie came into the world in July of 2016 and she is just too adorable. Monster is the best big sister in the world!
MonsterGirl and Baby Josie.
She is sooooo in love with her and her baby sister loves her so much. :) <3

She started kindergarten in 2015 and did swimmingly. She just finished FIRST GRADE! Oh me, oh my where does the time fly?
She's just getting too big!
She'll be transferring to a different type of school this next year for second grade, it's an innovation school modeled after some schools in San Francisco, so that will be interesting. She's excited and can't wait. She's reading at a 3rd grade level at this point and her math skillz are where they should be. She's just growing so fast.

So, treatment-wise regarding her cleft.  She'll be getting braces within a month to start preparing for her bone graft later this year!!! She's nervous, but the dentist at Children's is amazing and explained it all to her in a way that she understands. She's going to do fine, she is strong and brave and a trooper. She still needs those blasted ear tubes, but her hearing was perfect at her last cleft clinic a week ago, so there's that. She is not in need of any speech pathology at the moment because...dammit she's awesome. So, yes.

That is basically all for now. I will, try, I mean REALLY try this time to keep this page going. I know it helps me to have a bit of an outlet and I think I have really neglected it for some time just out of laziness or inability because of the baby, but I am REALLY going to try this time guys. Gotta go now, but have a lovely day all.