Friday, March 23, 2012

18 Months Young! And some pictures!

So my Monster girl is officially  a year and a half. OMG how time flies. It really truly does. :) I have some pictures. Not many, I wasn't able to download all of them from my phone because my phone is a jerk, but - the ones I do have are from today and last week when Monster girl and I went to the park...she loves the park.

She has her 18 month check up and shots in a week or so :( we don't like that, but she is doing amazing and growing so big. We are coming up on potty training now, I think. She likes to take her diaper off and run around without it for a while and shows interest in what one does in the bathroom. So, maybe we'll be potty training soon, who knows right?

Anyway, things are good for the moment. Daddy and Mommy Monster are hard at work and the Monster is amazing as always. I just wish I had my camera :( It's cool, I am saving up for it. Developmentally my kid is doing well, as far as I can tell. She's expanding on her vocabulary everyday and is becoming quite the lady: she says "tanku" and "peees." She signs hungry, more, eat, thirsty, and diaper. She can show where your head, shoulders knees and toes are; but also your mouth, ears, eyes and nose. She takes off her own clothing and attempts to put it back on. It's awesome.

For her half  year birthday we went to the park. She likes to swing and can go down the slide by herself, then she runs around and around and around for hours. Today we had fun, until evil five year old jerk kid thought it would be funny to swing a stick at the kids on the swings because "look! Pinatas!" He got Monster girl in the eye and now we are working on our first injury related black eye :( She won't sit still enough for me to get a picture so when she's sleeping....). Made me sad. He hit two other kids and jumped into a car with some woman, I don't know if she was his mom or not, but I only got a partial plate and the other mom's did not catch any of it. Hopefully he won't come back to the park, but I am going to find a new one anyway.

So yep, that is all I suppose. So nice to see you all again...Pictures!


I do not know how I feel about these bars.

Down the stairs like a pro.

Today I am a year and a half. I am soooo old.

Swinging, right before the kid hit me. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hey Hey Hey~

Apologies for our absence. We've been busy. With two parents working and a baby in day care, well, things get busy and it gets hard to blog every week.

So, still no camera so no new pictures. However, it has been one year since Kaylee Monster's first surgery. This time last year I was such a wreck with worry. I couldn't sleep because the hospital was not conducive to sleep at all. And every time she would whimper in pain a little I would panic. Ah, now I just worry if I can't remember the last time I changed her diaper was. LOL.

In any case she is a giant and she is so funny and loud and vocal about her needs. It is good because now we know when she is hungry or thirsty and she makes it known when she wants a cookie. Ah, my little Monster is becoming a bigger Monster :) I love it.

So, yep, we doing well. Just lacking on sleep, and time as a family since Daddy Monster and I have practically completely different schedules so we see each other just before I go to bed and on Saturday nights and Sunday. Hard, but necessary.