Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Fourth Of July.

Well...suffice it to say that our trek to the Stampede was ruined by a concert that ran too long. We had a great time (with few exceptions) but having to wait so long for the fireworks to start made the MonsterGirl cranky enough to have her sleep through a lot of it. Then they felt kind of rushed, like it should have been a 30 minute show, but ended up being 15 minutes because they noticed everyone leaving or something. Eh, hopefully it will be better next time. *shrug*

Having fun on the ride, 

Hey Dad! I'm going on a big girl ride! (We had to stop the ride because she was crying and screaming. She definitely was not ready for the bigger kid rides. ;()

We got some food and a pink star scepter adn things were a little better.

Playing on the John Deere displays. She turned the headlights on. LOL

Finally. A happy smile. She prefers the round and rounds as opposed to the up and down, spinny rides. 
So, yeah. It wasn't a spectacular Fourth, but it was good and We did have a good time with our friends (Matt, Eva, Theo - thanks for coming out with us. Maybe next year we'll do Estes Park or something). Anyway, that was about it. Not too bad, but not the best.

Talk to you later,


WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT - I forgot - the Monkey picture!
Last year - 2014
This year - 2015
She really likes the monkey. :)

Friday, July 3, 2015

First Dance Class of the Summer! and more stuff

So, KayleeMonster went to dance class :)

Rolling on the ground.
Her teacher is amazing, and the girls are super nice. It's a wonderful studio and I think she will do well. She did much better during the jazz section of her lesson than the ballet. But I couldn't get pictures because my phone died. It was fun and I am excited to see how she does with it.

Then....she decided that she was going to wrap the dog up so he could go to sleep "comtibly" (as the Monster says).

MOM! Kaylee won't leave me alone! Mo-ooooom.
So, yeah. That was our week. Tomorrow we are going to the carnival to see if we can find the monkey we took a picture with last year and take another. Yep. I'll post more later. See ya,


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Of dance, and the beginning of summer and other tidbits.

Well. Hello.

Another summer has begun, and you know what that means? Pool time!

I love my Little Mermaid swimsuit.

Get grampa right in the face!
It also means summer dance class. This year we are doing a combo ballet/tap. Once she finishes this seven week session, she'll decide which she wants to do more, ballet or tap. I'm hoping she chooses ballet, because tap is loud and I have hardwood floors :P.
Strike a pose!

I know I'm beautiful.

Not quite jazz hands, but getting there.
It also means playtime with her cousin!
Can't take a picture without a pose.
So, yeah. Coming up we have 4th of July, we should be going to the Stampede again this year. Hopefully we can get another picture with the monkey that we got last year:
So precious.
We are also looking for a vocal coach. She's been given multiple compliments on her singing in the last few months and so we've decided to try and cultivate that, which we know she will have zero objections to. This kid loves to sing.

Then in the fall she begins kindergarten! She's getting so big on me. *cries* Then we'll have cleft clinic in October and then it will be Halloween again. Goodness gracious, time flies so quickly. Anyway, that is all I have for you for now. I will try to be on more, with more pictures and updates, but alas, it's not a guarantee. So, yep. That's it for now. Bye.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sheesh...I'm a slacker.

Well, it's been forever and a day since I have updated. I have a few updates and some pictures and yeah. Here goes:

 December: We had Christmas as usual. Fun times. She learned how to get on top of her grandparent's kitchen counters, because she found their candy hiding spot.
Climbing for candy....Gramma and Grampa Molina need a new hiding spot for their goodies.

Getting down was another matter altogether.

The first time she ever wrote "Mom." That was gift enough.
Opening presents

Falling asleep with the dog.
January: A month of all around goofiness.
Watching shows....

...and faceplanting.
The month of....

....silly tongue-out-of-mouth faces.
We made time out bottles. The pink one drops in about five minutes, and the blue in ten.

Sleeping on daddy...

....and making sure daddy has company when she's not sleeping on him.
Big 'ol blue eyes painting Easter eggs.

Concentrating sooooo hard.

Easter dress, AKA "Empress Dress."

She wanted to make it look like the dress flows around her.

We made a castle for her clip dolls to play in.
Clip doll party.
That was pretty much it so far. Nothing super important. She's been doing great at school, and is still not in need of speech therapy (which we're happy about). She's been having problems with being afraid of the dark lately, but we're trying to show her that it is okay to be afraid, but that she can't let that fear disrupt her sleep. It's a hard concept for her to grasp, but I think she'll get it soon enough. Well, that's about it. Like I said, nothing major.

As always I will try to update more. I just feel like I have less and less time these days. Anyway -  that's it for now. <3.