Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Fourth Of July.

Well...suffice it to say that our trek to the Stampede was ruined by a concert that ran too long. We had a great time (with few exceptions) but having to wait so long for the fireworks to start made the MonsterGirl cranky enough to have her sleep through a lot of it. Then they felt kind of rushed, like it should have been a 30 minute show, but ended up being 15 minutes because they noticed everyone leaving or something. Eh, hopefully it will be better next time. *shrug*

Having fun on the ride, 

Hey Dad! I'm going on a big girl ride! (We had to stop the ride because she was crying and screaming. She definitely was not ready for the bigger kid rides. ;()

We got some food and a pink star scepter adn things were a little better.

Playing on the John Deere displays. She turned the headlights on. LOL

Finally. A happy smile. She prefers the round and rounds as opposed to the up and down, spinny rides. 
So, yeah. It wasn't a spectacular Fourth, but it was good and We did have a good time with our friends (Matt, Eva, Theo - thanks for coming out with us. Maybe next year we'll do Estes Park or something). Anyway, that was about it. Not too bad, but not the best.

Talk to you later,


WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT - I forgot - the Monkey picture!
Last year - 2014
This year - 2015
She really likes the monkey. :)

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