Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve...

...and I am dying. Okay, not dying as in my life is ending. Dying as in: stuffy nose, headache, fever, chills, nausea, etc. Figures. Oh well. I will make the best of it by staying home and scrapbooking. I am finishing up some pages from the last couple of months, namely: October, November and December. I've finished October's page, it is now drying on the rack and I am trying to figure out my design for November. December is already laid out, I just need to find the wrapping paper my friend Kendra wrapped our gifts in because it is awesome paper and I want to cherish it forever. :) Moving on.

Kaylee is also not feeling well. She's got a bit of a fever - but that could be from teething (she has another molar coming in) or from what I have which seems to be a small cold. If it gets any worse of course we will be doctor bound but I don't think that will be the case. :)

So, okay. This last year, as you know my dear readers, has been a busy and sometimes scary one. Kaylee had two surgeries to recover from and she did amazing, apart from that I found jobs and then lost them found them again and then lost them again. Daddy monster is finally back in the workforce and he absolutely loves it. I am so happy for him. Kaylee started walking and talking, and she refuses to wear tennis shoes. I got to paint my nails like twice (once being yesterday). The dog is still the dog, just a giant beast with lots of love (and 80 pounds of sitting in your lap) to give. Life was good last year. Here's hoping that next year will be better *tips glass*

Happy New Year friends, may your 2012 be more awesome than 2011.

Hi guys! Have a blast tonight...I will! first ponytail! I'm getting hair!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Slacker Status: Achieved.

I really have been away for a while haven't I? Sorry about that, busy month and all. So, updates and picture time huh? Wewt! Quite possibly pic heavy:

Kaylee is doing well. She's growing well, and is right on target. Not overweight or underweight, just right. She's about 25 pounds right now, which is very good. I cannot remember how tall she is, but she's getting tall enough to pull things off of our dinner table, so tall-ish :)

Christmas was good for our family this year. We got to see our loved ones and we also got a visit from the elusive Aunt K who was amazing and got Kaylee this awesome pony flashlight (that Kaylee loves!). I don't have time to list every gift she got (because she did get a ton), but thanks everyone who did get her something. We love it all!

As far as things go right now, she saw her dentist Dr. Meredith for the first time in a few months! She had her first dental check up and everything looks sooo sooo good. She got her picture taken for her files again and Dr. Meredith called her "my poster child for the NAM." Which reminds me: I still have to make a scrap book for her. Yep, I will do that soon. Anyway, we were taught how to properly brush teeth, got a free toothbrush and a sparkly toy for being such a good girl. I <3 Dr. Meredith.

So, yeah, things are going good. My daughter is going good and strong and she is such a joy. She has started to babble on and on and on lately. She will sit and talk to herself for forever - she talks herself to sleep too. It's adorable. It sounds like she is forming sentences but can't quite enunciate her words just yet, which of course she is still only 15 months so yeah she wouldn't be talking like a four year old yet. :P I can't wait though, everyone tells me I will regret saying that, but really I guess I will let you all know in a few months. :)

Anyway, pictures!
Hanging with Daddy and my cousin Kaleena! a big box.

I wasn't doing anything I SWEAR!

Strike a pose...this kid loves the camera!
Clappin for the sparkly ball that daddy got from under the tv stand!

What? I'm just walking!

OMG! So tired. What can I do? I know - fall asleep in mom's computer chair.....

.....while mom is still in it.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Gosh...I am so sorry I am such a slacker!

So, hey there. It has been a busy, busy month for us. I hope everyone's Thanksgivings were as fun as ours. We hit up 4 Thanksgiving dinners in 3 days. Turkey has worn off it's novelty for me, I think. Anyway, just a quick update for you all, since this is a blog about the monster after all.

Developmentally she is perfect. According to the doctors she seems right on target with growth, walking and talking and all that. She's doing well, growing big and strong and chubby, but well. She's talking more and more everyday and screaming on top of it. She likes to play with everything she can get her hands on and does "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes." She tells you "more" when she wants more of something. She says "gen" for again. Daddy taught her to say "hair." And she points to her diaper when you say "change diaper?" It is awesome.

Anyway, I have to go to work in a minute so I thought I would just pop in and say hello...and here is a recent pic of the Monster. Enjoy your day folks!

My bean bag chair. Mine!

I crawled onto Mommy's chair and fell asleep.